Boston Pizza First Goal Contest

First Goal Contest Bedard

The Regina Pats have teamed up with Boston Pizza this season on our popular First Goal Contest!

Keep your eyes peeled each game day to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for your chance to enter. Respond to our first goal post with your prediction and you’ve got a chance to win a $25 voucher from Boston Pizza! Make sure you use the hashtag #BPsFirstGoal when submitting your answer and ensure you respond before game time! Contestants must be able to physically pick up their voucher at the Pats office at 1463 Albert Street. Winners will be contacted by direct message on the social media platform they post on.

2021-22 Winners:

  • Oct. 6 @ Winnipeg (Zack Stringer): Shannon Czemeres
  • Oct. 8 @ Moose Jaw (Logan Nijhoff): Jessie Waller
  • Oct. 10 vs. Brandon (Cole Dubinsky): Brandi Nicole
  • Oct. 15 vs. Winnipeg (Borya Valis): Joshua Hawman
  • Oct. 16 @ Winnipeg (Tanner Howe): Tyler Gyorfi
  • Oct. 22 vs. Saskatoon (Cole Dubinsky): Lenn McDonald
  • Oct. 24 vs. Saskatoon (Cole Dubinsky): Layne Rosko
  • Oct. 29 @ Swift Current (Zack Stringer): Blake Emmons
  • Oct. 30 vs. Swift Current (Connor Bedard): Kelly Mandzuk
  • Nov. 3 vs. Moose Jaw (Braxton Whitehead): Marosia Marie
  • Nov. 6 vs. Brandon (Zack Stringer): John Tokar
  • Nov. 10 vs. Red Deer (Tanner Howe): Darren Schaan
  • Nov. 12 vs. Edmonton (Zane Rowan): Shaun Fleming
  • Nov. 13 vs. Lethbridge (Tanner Howe): Michael Gaz
  • Nov. 20 vs. Moose Jaw (Logan Nijhoff): Corrine Lafond
  • Nov. 23 vs. Medicine Hat (Logan Nijhoff): Shauna Ouellette
  • Nov. 24 vs. Lethbridge (Alex Geci): Dustin Henderson

2020-21 Winners:

  • March 12 vs. Prince Albert (Connor Bedard): Susan Ortman
  • March 14 vs. Saskatoon (Carson Denomie): Blake Emmons
  • March 16 vs. Moose Jaw (Tom Cadieux): carried over
  • March 17 vs. Swift Current (Carson Denomie): Rhonda Thompson
  • March 20 vs. Brandon (Connor Bedard): Brad Carlson
  • March 23 vs. Winnipeg (Carter Massier): Ryan Spelliscy
  • March 25 vs. Prince Albert (Carson Denomie): Bob McLean
  • March 26 vs. Saskatoon (Connor Bedard): Kailey Shalovelo
  • March 29 vs. Swift Current (Carson Denomie): Karen Bryant
  • March 30 vs. Moose Jaw (Connor Bedard): Tyler McKay
  • April 1 vs. Brandon (Colby Wotton): Blake Emmons
  • April 3 vs. Winnipeg (Logan Nijhoff): Kale Haylock
  • April 5 vs. Moose Jaw (Parker Berge): Allan Masney
  • April 6 vs. Swift Current (Carson Denomie): Bill Jensen
  • April 9 vs. Brandon (Connor Bedard): Kody Muir
  • April 12 vs. Winnipeg (Logan Nijhoff): Sandy Gorski
  • April 13 vs. Prince Albert (Logan Nijhoff): Tyler Broley
  • April 15 vs. Saskatoon (Logan Nijhoff): Krista Broda
  • April 18 vs. Prince Albert (Cole Dubinsky): Nick Petrar
  • April 20 vs. Saskatoon (Carter Chorney): John Tokar
  • April 22 vs. Swift Current (Logan Nijhoff): Leanne Curtin
  • April 23 vs. Moose Jaw (Cole Dubinsky): Shauna Ouellette