Pats partner with United Way on Attendance Matters Program for 2019-20


We are calling on educators, parents and caring community members to help kids get to school. In order to reap the full benefits students must make good attendance a habit.

When students don’t show up for school, they miss out on fundamental reading and math skills. There will always be a need to miss a day here or there. However, we can all pay attention to the warning signs, helping with support or removing barriers for students who miss 10+ days.

Those facing barriers to attendance are most vulnerable to the risks associated with chronic absenteeism. The tipping point for chronic absenteeism is missing 10% of the school year or about 18 days in excused and unexcused absences. That’s in excess of two day s a month which can add up quickly.

It will take a whole community response to tackle chronic absence to keep kids engaged and on track to graduation.

Sometimes I need help. Sometimes that help, can be you.
Thank you to the following organizations that know Attendance Matters and have made commitments in 2019. We welcome conversations about what may work for you and your company to help engage families, remove barriers and address basic needs to help create a community where successful learners can thrive.

Conexus Credit Union – Conexus is committed as a promotional partner helping share the message that Attendance Matters. They funded the creation of our newest promotional video inviting the community to get involved. They have also gifted radio ads that were targeted toward attendance messaging and feature this partnership on their Community Page on their corporate website.

Regina Pats Hockey Club – Education matters to the Regina Pats and that’s why supporting Attendance Matters makes so much sense. They are seeking corporate sponsors to provide game tickets and experiences to children who otherwise would not attend Pats games. Sponsors will be featured as the Attendance Matters partner of each regular season game. They have also committed their executive and player Champions to appear on promotional posters distributed throughout the City.

Dilawri Group of Companies – Transportation continues to be a barrier for too many in our community; especially those experiencing chronic absenteeism. Dilawri Group of Companies is happy to help with the donation of a vehicle to Regina Catholic and Regina Public schools to assist with removing the barrier or transportation and help kids get to school.

City of Regina – The City of Regina has year round representation on the Campaign for Grade-level Reading Regina Network and is committed to improve educational outcomes for Regina’s students. A few ways they do that is by providing 5,000 leisure passes as healthy attendance incentives. In 2019, they City of Regina annual workplace Campaign revenue will target Attendance Matters initiatives making a significant investment in removing barriers and increasing opportunities.

You Can Help

If you think Attendance Matters and want to contribute in a way that is meaningful to you we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for:

Promotional Partners – gift radio ads, billboard space, digital ads etc.

Clothing Sponsors – t-shirts and hoodies for students and families that show improvements in attendance, academics and attitude

Incentive sponsors – everything from donuts and pizza parties to life experiences.

Champions – hang posters in your business or place of work.

Other things we haven’t yet conceived of. Call us to discuss.

Please contact:
Amanda Lanoway
Associate Director, Engagement
United Way Regina

306-751-4750 Ext 755

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